Sunday, December 12

Bengals 0 Steelers 42 or I'm getting a new team

Yes that is my prediction of the Bengals game today.
I'm disgusted, dismayed and jumping ship.

I know the picture is small, its the only one available on (disclaimer). I don't want to get in trouble stealing pictures. That being said, it is of course game day again, only this time I am leaving the home town team until they fix the problem or Mike Brown either sells the team or he hires someone to more effectively do his job. Yes, I am now once again an Atalanta Falcons fan. Long, ago, practically a life time, I lived in Stone Mountain Ga, about 70ish miles from Atlanta. Being a home team sort and I was only 13 when I moved; Falcons were replaced with the Bengals, bad move any way you slice it. Well my dreaming days are over, I still live in Cinci, love this town to death, I can't go on rooting a team of losers led by the NFL's laughing stock. I refuse to be denied my freedom to choose what ever team I want, good luck Bengals, hope you get there with out my fandom.  that is a word right?

I thus resign as a Bengals Fan,

Pirate Named Neo

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