Sunday, December 26


Space Debris:

I have a problem defining a moon. Is it just something orbiting a 
planet? Doesn't space debris offer a better description than calling
everything that orbits a planet a "moon"? I said once before I will find
a way to launch my lunch cooler into orbit and call it Earth's second
moon, named Gregory

And so, under the new provision Mars does not have a moon,
it has 2 pieces of space debris orbiting, still named Phobos and
     Asteroids are still asteroids as these are specific "space debris" as are Kepler objects, and poor ole Pluto will just be known as a run away Kepler Object instead of a Plutoid... which reminds me, how can you make a planetary object group with only 1 object to define? "oh and this is a Plutoid known as Pluto, its the only one we know of."


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