Sunday, December 5

It's cold or First Snow of the Year

What's the big deal? So it snowed, for the first time this year. Yea, it's pretty, I just don't like snow that much. Lived in Georgia for 8 years, it never snowed once. Came to Cincinnati in '76; moved in the winter time and guess what, snow, as far as the eye could see. The first few snows had a novel effect, was new, different but still cold. I never was one to enjoy cold weather. Rather one might say, I endured the cold, till about April or so. So, the snow thing got old pretty quickly. One thing it did have going for it was it canceled school every now and then but still that was a crap shoot.  If the roads were bad, then school was off, they would plow and salt the streets, and it was back to school, usually the next day. Temporary relief from school. Still, it was always cold. Duh... the nature of snow requires freezing temperatures. Just saying, first snow, and I am going to hibernate the rest of the winter away. See ya in the spring.
Pirate Named Neo (remember Pirates are Caribbean in nature)

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