Tuesday, January 25

A blast of the past

     Wow! been some since I posted. Been hanging around on facebook, meeting up with the people I went to high school with. Its a trip man. So many years, so much time. I haven't seen these people in ages. Some still live around here, most have moved on, as people generally do and are living scattered across the Nation. Now here is where it gets weird. I was just thinking the other day, Sue, Beth, Lolly, all the old friends but what ever happened to Julie? I even sat there and said to someone "next thing you know I'll meet up with Julie." Boom! Last night, I am on this one dude's page, (congrats Tiereny, you made it into the pages of my blog)  his birthday is coming up and I wanted to post a 'happy birthday' for him and this girl, Jewels starts posting messages to me. 'Where have you been' 'recognize the name' etc etc. I'm sitting here thinking, a name like Jewels I would remember that. Think think think... nothing, doesn't even ring a little bell. Then she messages, its Julie, I'm married and in Florida now. Well just beat me with a stick, I can't believe this...  Well anyhow... facebook is a great tool, strolling down memory lane... 

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