Tuesday, February 8

Draw the Line

     You didn't see this coming? In light of reading this article I think we have created a monster. Not the Frankenstein sort but rather a social attitude. I'm not here to state what is right and what is wrong, just observations. So, what did they teach you in school? Man just appeared on Earth or Man evolved over a vast length of time? Just to throw my thinking into the mix, Biblical studies do not define what a 'day' was when God created the Earth and man in 6 days and took the 7th day to rest. We have 2 theories out there, God made man vs Darwin. Science being.... well a science, with no room for error (just the facts); wouldn't it follow logic to cover both in a public high school? 
      Ah... separation of church and state. We can't cover both so Darwin wins, God creating man is a religious belief. 

     All it takes is one complaint, years of schooling, dreams and aspirations are tossed, out the window so to speak, as this article will show.

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Douglas said...

On the first article; I am suspicious of the study. It may be true but I think it says more about the fear of litigation than about the "beliefs" of teachers. Which takes us to the second article...

The teacher should get her job back because she did nothing illegal. She's an adult, any drinking she might do is perfectly legal. The profanity may be disturbing to some but it's hardly illegal. Again, another solid point about fear of litigation.

Nicely done.