Saturday, February 5

Just a Theory

Concentrating on a theory: 

a wold the perfect (astronomically) distance from our sun (named Sol)
plants that thrive on what we exhale as we thrive on what they 'exhale'
the world rotates to cause night and day, each about equal
24.25 'hours' 365.25 days season to same season (1 year)... time and date are "man created"
and a moon (named Luna) that regulates tidal functions; ie. a world of water that does not go stagnant.

Random coincidence?
I see intelligent design...
Maybe not the gray haired staff bearing "God" but....

your thoughts?

1 comment:

Douglas said...

I think the sheer complexity and seeming disorder of the universe reeks of random chance. But I am skeptical of the supernatural. Some see patterns in the entrails of a freshly slaughtered goat.