Monday, February 14

Venting, before it explodes

I just don't get it. I have been on both sides of the monster called 'child support.' How some just simply ignore and get away with ignoring a COURT order is beyond me. The name itself implies failure means "I don't care". It is a monster... easier to work with on the payment side, I just report my annual income, and they take care of all the if, how and where. This is... or can't you read... (CHILD) support. Its not spousal support.  Someone I know got me thinking real hard about this. If my money is now out of the picture and my x can and does support, feed and house MY child.... do you see what I am driving at? Having a child does not end when said child is not living under your roof. 
     Yes I have known divorced parents, "I'm not paying that f,n bit_ _ " doesn't fly to well with me. I had custody and an x that pulled that number, even though I am a man. The fact that you would let personal differences get in the way of YOUR child's welfare speaks volumes about you as a person. Enough said, I think you get my point.

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Eowyn said...

For the most part I absolutely agree with you. Too many people (men and women) withhold the child's vital resources simply out of spite.

The reverse can happen too, though. I know someone who was assessed $500 a week for his daughter, which he gladly paid -- until he became disabled. He went back to court to petition for a lower payment, but instead his ex-wife's lawyer convinced the judge to RAISE that amount. Needless to say, he is so far behind he'll never catch up. His daughter is grown now, and successful on her own -- and she knows the whole situation, and doesn't blame her father, luckily. But the ex-wife STILL wants her money. (In spite of remarrying a wealthy man shortly after the divorce.)

In my own case, my ex-husband couldn't afford much, so I didn't ask for more than he could pay. We worked it out together for the good of our girls, the best we could. Sadly, very few people can do that.