Sunday, June 19

Making a choice

I've talked about shopping disasters, now a little on the other side.
I come home, back up the hill thinking I'm hungry. Its about 6pm and all I have eaten today was a bowl of grits this morning; figure, I need some food. So, I am driving right past a group of fast food places, Wendy's is on my mind. Well wouldn't you know it, I drive right past my favorite burger joint. Had driving on my mind I guess. I figure, no problem, I'll just go past my place, block around and back to Wendy's. Come to a traffic light and right across the road in the same square sits Dominoes and Subway, side by side. Think, its been a while since I did Subway, across the street I go, park and walking up think again. Wonder if Dominoes has any pizza for 8 bucks (that's all I had on me). Walk in stood there for a long moment, reading the menu on the wall, this that the next, lowest price I see is $5 but that's only if you buy a large pizza for $9. Mind you no one has come to the counter to help me so I turn around and next door I go. Some one did say something to the effect of "can I help..." as I walked out the door, I don't have the time, my mind is already made up; loser, too late. Walk into Subway, immediately greeted with a "can I help you, I'll be right with you." The young lady was at the sink washing her hands.  Menu on the wall has about 4 subs on it top of the sign says $5 foot long, $3.75 for the 6 inch. Do the math, I order the cold cut foot long. Now if you have been to Subway, I'm sure you have, its not just order and go... what kind of bread? and then you choose all the toppings. Wheat, just load it up I say, oh hold the tomatoes. Pull out the fin in my wallet, and a single, to cover change over $5. The young lady says, that'll be 5 dollars. Does it get any simpler than this?  Pay $5 (no tax) and go home. Sat at the table, ate till I couldn't eat no more, and guess what... I still have 1/2 a sub. Subway scored big points with me yesterday. :)  I did not get payed to write this brief episode of
"Neo shopping for dinner."                                                     

Little post script here, at the Subway there were 2 employees, the young lady that helped me, and a young man, he was obviously being trained by her. They looked so much alike they could have been brother and sister... twins at that, I asked are you 2 related, she said no. Weird.

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