Sunday, June 5

Its not just shopping, it an adventure or A Shoppers Guide to Hell

You know, it was all just right there, just one store, could have got about everything I needed. So lets back up just a few hours. 4:57ish on the pm side, now. This whole adventure started actually when I got up this morning, sleeping in to a late if you will, 7:30 ish on the am side of the dial. So there I sit, 14 quarters in the change bin, need to get some this and that, paper goods, and what nots, So talking with a friend, "paper goods and such all dollar store items" (not sure its verbatim, but close enough). Up I go to the Dollar General, not sure if that's a local or a chain store; paper towels looked at what they had in shower stuffs, no purchase, but paper towels sure thing. In my search for, did check the sweeper bags, no Eureka F&G... I am never going to find these sweeper bags, am I ? Dawns on me, the pepper grinder, the one on the kitchen table, about ground the last of the peppercorns to be ground. Kroger? pepper grinder? sure, lets see, seems (if logic prevails) food store, food item, chances are good... no such luck. This particular Kroger seems to be coming up "sub-par" for the most part. Getting to be around 1:30 ish... know this as its Sunday and I did purchase a new label wine from Kroger... 
      The 14 quarters in the bin comes to be part of the story...
    So, I sit there thinking, * light bulbs of immense wattage, are glowing, WALMART!!! But of course. Pretty much equal distance from 1 of 2 Walmarts in the area, I head to Eastgate. Enter Eastgate, via back streets, to find  such, buried in the deeper sections of a shoppers canundrum... hundreds, thousands of every shop you could imagine. all the fast food you could eat for months, with never visiting the same shop twice, auto specialties, Tuxedo rentals, rent to own shops, movie rental shops, all side by side... blocks, nearly an entire city of retail.  Walmart, was way in the back... get to Wally World, and can't so much find a salt shaker much less a pepper grinder, short of a selection of pepper grinders. I tell ya, I looked, 45 minutes up and down the isles of kitchen gadgets, utensils, pots, pans and even an off set 'clearance' isle... nothing even close. Mind you I did check the sweeper isle, no F&G Eureka bags. Flustered, I walk out empty handed, mission status at this was FAILURE! 
    The ride home brought a tear to my eye, till.... the store I didn't even realize, Meijer! All except the Kitchen dept being hidden well into the back of the store, I am happy to have stopped. On the way back to the kitchen dept, passed the sweeper shop, and yes! they had Eureka F&G bags, grab one, make mental note. Back to the kitchen stuffs, with in 2 minutes, I found a pepper grinder, not a large selection, had to go with the coal black wood one, vs the blonde wood salt shaker in the set (no, I looked for a matching salt shaker) but at least I found what I wanted. Oh, you may recall my bi_ching about the new place doesn't have a timer on the oven, I found a cheap timer on the way out of the kitchen stuffs to the cash register. May even switch my grocery shopping to Meijer... its an alright place, 
Happy now, 
Mission Accomplished, 4:50ish pm side of the dial
PS. I completely forgot I needed 4 quarters to equal 2 loads of wash.

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