Tuesday, July 12

Beatle Mania

Just a bit of Beatles trivia. The above picture is the inspiration of the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds; including the title. Drawn by the then young Julian Lennon, about age 10. We all know makes reference to LSD and acid trips. Rather than bore you with my cheap attempt at writing just go to this link to read all about it. 
     Hey Jude is a song for Julian Lennon, first titled Hey Jules, later changed for musical reasons, as John and the band felt Hey Jude sounded better and "names were changed to protect the innocent."  A bit of advise to Julian over the break up of his parents, John and Cynthia.
     Let It Be was a gift from McCartney to Lennon over the drama created by John's infatuation with Yoko Ono 
     Do note the word 'Beat' is in Beatles as in the beat goes on. 


Windsmoke. said...

I believe John Lennon [R.I.P) when he said he didn't realize the connection between LSD and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds because most of the Beatles songs are sugary pop/love songs heavily influenced by Paul Mc Cartney and later on by George Harrison (R.I.P) :-).

Neo said...

I read that the first of the Beatles songs not about love was Strawberry Fields