Sunday, August 28

Having a great time

Now I was never a BIG fan, but I did always appreciate Pat Benatar as a great musician, and a really cute girl. Featured musical guest at the opening night of the Taste of Blue Ash. I was comfortable just standing in the open area and watching from afar. My girl friend Karen had different plans. This festival has always drawn a huge crowd, and tonight was no different, packed with people everywhere you went. Karen wanted to get as close to the stage as possible. We take off behind a group of people, down the concrete steps toward the stage, stepping on a few feet on the way, got accused of being 'rude' among other choice words, and finally took our stance about a stones throw from the stage, a good long throw that is. Pat, sounded great, and still looked cute. After getting a few pics of the stage we decided it was getting hot standing so close to the audience. Getting out was almost as difficult as getting up to the stage.  All in all, was a great show, Karen had to work in the morning, so we left a bit early. Have had some great weekends with Karen, this happened to be another one. We find the fun things to do with our weekends.  

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Windsmoke. said...

Sounds like you both had a fun evening well done :-).