Friday, December 2

In lieu of "where's the beef" or Isn't cheese what you really want?

      Let us for an instant forget the question "where's the beef" instead, let us concentrate on the more important question that has been skipped for all these years. I am not using concentrate in the form of the chemical products that I use on a daily basis rather, I would mean delve deep into your conscious thoughts to come up with an answer. Have you ever worked in the pizza industry? if so how many times did you get an order including "extra beef" when offered don't you choose 'cheese'burger over and above hamburger? When is the last time you had spaghetti without Parmesan cheese? How many omlettes  are made with out cheese? And more importantly what would you use on a mouse trap if you had no cheese? So I am sure you see now, as I always have, cheese is the question at hand. After all without cheese what would the Swiss be known for (and don't be coming off with the pocket knife gizmo) after all we all know the Swiss Army has never conquered a nation. If you look hard enough you will find the phrase "made in China" on every Swiss Army pocket knife you see.

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