Tuesday, June 5

Do you remember a page I posted... probably no, it was a few years ago. I was writing about my experience looking for a battery for my cordless landline phone at K Mart. In my quest I inquired their location of a Uniformed (apparent) service clerk. He announced, "I'm off the clock" pointing to another service clerk, continued "Maybe he can help you." That service clerk was already busy with 4 people. I was a bit miffed by the whole encounter, to the point I decided not to darken their door step again and have never since returned. 
     The reason I was reminded of this encounter was a situation yesterday at my local Walgreens. Standing in line the store speakers were announcing a Walgreens advertisement... go figure. Telling me how convenient Walgreens was... yada, yada, yada.... some where in there I heard "flip-flops"... So I jump out of line losing about 4 places in line to go hunt down some flip-flops, to no avail. I see a very young girl in what looks to be a Walgreens uniform...  "Excuse me, do you work here?" She answers "yes but I'm just leaving... can I help you find something?
     Do you see the picture I am painting? 

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Mimi Black said...

Yes, clearly :) reminds me of when I explained to the clerk at Best Buy why I was going to buy a computer somewhere else. And the time I called Home Depot headquarters and had to fill them in on the fantastic treatment I was given in a couple Rhode Island stores...