Sunday, July 1

Life in the Trenches

     Yea, I have been out of commission for a bit, just haven't felt up to writing in some time. I sometimes get a notion to start and 1/2 way into I loose interest. Obviously its not the lack of free time that has kept my words off the 'pages'. So anyhow I do keep getting those little reminders that I do have a blog; the anonymous comments on a post that has lost its memory of the music I pasted in it. So here I am, just like always, bored with everything except work. Have you noticed it warmed up a bit here in Cinci? For those unfamiliar, that would be Cincinnati, Ohio. It does tend to do that around the last week of June, making July and August almost unbearable outside; unless you have a pool at your disposal. As for current events in my shallow life included an Independence Day Celebration party I attended last night. Was all in all a great party, even though I knew no body there. Well the host of the party I "know" through the computer on that great Social site we all know and love. Guess would be you start to lose touch with the world when the best thing you have is an apartment with a/c in the summer time. The party did end with an impressive fire works show. So I did have one more thing on my agenda last night, after the party I went to a club to see another friend in a band called The Phoenix Band. Besides being a great band that plays the music in my top 10, the guitarist is in this band with his daughter. She plays one of the 2 keyboards on stage and sings. Quite a talented young lady. 
     Day begins, going on 1 pm and just got the bed made, the cooler cleaned and stored from last nights adventures and a few little things from Ghettomart, where Ghettodays is just beginning. Usually I am up with the sun, getting the the day started. Weekends included. Late breakfast we will call it. Like the saying in the real-estate market goes, its all about location, Mt Washington being a federal funded town, housing and living expenses covered by the gov't its not surprising the local grocery store has its busiest days at the beginning of the month.  

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