Sunday, July 8

Think it over...

Picking apart Chrome... of course we have bookmarks, many refer to these as favorites, but that just seems to be the wrong list for my bills and such... So here (gestures with hand) we have bookmarks, but wait, we actually have folders in the bookmarks, one named "Other Bookmarks".... very vague name this folder has, of course its other bookmarks... that's all there is in the folders, bookmarks. So a number of questions come up about this folder. Starting would be, why are these any different from the rest, and why did they get a special name "other" bookmarks? How come the others aren't named "other" and aren't they all "other" bookmarks? remember when the bookmark used to be an actual item? (receipt, pirece or a napkins, rubber band)
If all bookmarks are actually other bookmarks, isn't this going to be an awfully big folder? 

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