Saturday, September 29


     Just browsing through some old pics on my phone. 

Has a Munsters, Adams Family or Ghost Busters feel to it... 
     My interests, scattered they may be; do run in cycles (I suppose that is what you would call them) At one point not so long back, I would drive through Hyde Park (cincinnati) and Mt Lookout. I was some how captivated by the Architecture in the area. I would guess there are probably 7-10 different styles of houses but all have a "different" look to them. This one with the double columns kinda stood out of all the others.
     Well it was supposed to represent the Earths moon Luna. Yes that is the NAME of 'our' moon. Lunar Eclipse is not just a made up name, nor is the "Lunar Lander" or Lunar Mission. I read a piece some time back; the author claimed Moon with a capital M refers to the Earths moon. So what if my sentence starts with 1st word Moon? Wouldn't I be incorrect to not capitalize the 1st word of a sentence? I know the dude who wrote that will never see this but... Shake some intelligence into the empty head, Earths moon is referred to as Luna. That being said, I know this is a terrible example of astral photography... But give me a break, its just a phone cam. 


Windsmoke. said...

I reckon the house has a ghostbusters look and feel to it. Its not creepy enough to be a Munster or Adams Family house.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Very cool house. I love the simple lines. Plus, I've always thought that two story houses had a grandeur to them. Thanks for sharing.