Wednesday, October 24

Think about it

Is catnip a drug? Let me answer that for you, NO.  Let's define an herb with out websters help. Obviously it is a plant, often used in recipes, to add flavor, sometimes to flavor ethnic foods, chili= mexican, oregano= italian, and so on.  They often have a strong smell, which does equate to taste. I for one would never think of making a chicken stuffing without Sage. Nor would I make a batch of salsa without Cummin Seed. But... what about Catnip? Is this herb like legal pot, for cats only? And what about pot... (aka Marijuana, spliff, weed, stuff, ganga, black cats), oh shit, I'm giving away my trade terms... better erase that. But anyway, doesn't pot sorta fit the bill as being defined as an herb (pronounced erb). It is a plant, it does have a strong smell, its use in recipes is almost ethnic (used by heads; aka hippies, freaks, weirdos, musicians) I for one would never think of venturing to a musical outing (aka gig, concert,performance,  festival, etc.) without pot being in the recipe. 
For those who don't get the message; Pot is not a drug, it is an Herb (pronounced erb), naturally grown. For the extremes, Gods gift, it grows from the ground as do tomatoes,  radishes, lettuce, and corn. (as well as jalepeno peppers, coffee, and watermelons). Squash comes to mind here but I think we are veering from the original topic, Herbs (pronounced Erbs) Be careful of the definition of Vegetable; if you pick it off the plant it is considered a fruit. My purpose in writing this piece is not to change legislation on Marrijuana (aka pot, spliff, weed, stuff, ganga, canibus) but rather change the legislation on egg plant. 


Douglas said...

And pot can be used in place of oregano. Though oregano is much cheaper.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Entertaining and thought-provoking. Thanks.