Tuesday, October 9

What's in a Name II

To tell ya the truth, Achilles came along in my midish 20's, all my "friends" were heavy in Led Zeppelin especially Achilles' Last Stand and while 1/2 of them thought he was a she... guessing it was the white fur, I knew better and the other 1/2 were saying "Oh call her Achilles anyhow" but the name and the character from Greek Mythology really hit home with me... so Achilles it was and then his sister Athena, who gave birth to a litter, kept the all black one, little off beat as a Roman name called him Jupiter. Here I go rambling again... to bring you up to date, my last cat adopted I call Aries. 
The M on the forehead insisted I have a name with an M. Mars came to mind but na... not fitting enough, going back to the Greek Mythology Aries was the god of war, Mars in Roman Mythology. and so it stands, my little Grey Bengal Tiger is known as Aries. 

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