Monday, March 11

Oh no shopping... again!

What to do with your spare time? Well I guess I would have to say play guitar or write. Only on occasion will I 'waste ink' on personal stuff, but I think this would be one of those times. I mean, how many stores can you choose from that could make shopping go quicker? Thus we create the "need" of a "Superstore". In chosen defined store, one stop just about anything a normal adult would need to buy. You have the Walmart's, Meijer's and Target's. Of the 3, we make a decision... Tarje't... na, too snooty, Wally World... na too common and poor customer service, Meijer... was one of my favorites of the evils known as shopping. Go to the browser, type in... oh, how do you spell that... ah... M E I J E R... main site appears as the top "headline" click this click that... You know, the standard online looking. WOW!!! flannel shirts $4.89 reg price $20  "in store also". I'm headed out anyway, so why not make a run over to Meijer and pick up say 3 shirts. Been needing to for a few months now. I arrive... mind you, I have had that thought cross my mind, this better not be a scam to get me to the store and no such deal is available. I walk in and find the men's department, and... yea you guessed it, maybe 2 flannel shirts each $15.... Aggravating to say the least. Everything being relative, not wanting this to be a wasted trip... bought something else.

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