Wednesday, July 31

Number 13

     How could I not? The memory of that Summer of '78 so vivid in my mind, up to and including that day, July 31, 1978. Everything wiped from my memory, meeting up with John, where we went how we ended up at Jeff's house; getting in the car, taking the dreaded trip which ended me in the hospital for 4 months, and a year or more of therapy, out patient this and that... and the turmoil  caused to my family. Fun... yea right! one day of my life I wish I could do without. Erase this day and John; my best friend would be alive and I would not have a gaping "grand canyon" sized scar down the middle of my head. Lucky? you be the judge. I survived what killed my best friend... "Subdural Hematoma" the only difference; my skull was cracked open, his was not. Giving my brain room to swell and not be crushed. All the gory details left out, I was in horrible condition coming in and improved... John, unfortunately went the other way, his condition; vegetable at best, declined. He died on my birthday... perhaps a fitting end to the saga. This was however not the end of the saga for me. I had to recover, good bad or indifferent; I did not see, just simply I needed to get back on my feet and walk (I was parallelized  on the right side). Living in a wheelchair spinning circles was NOT an option. On the better sounding end, I was ok, employed and doing ok 35 years later.
1965, the year of the car, 13 years old day of the crash, August 13th by birthday, 13 days from the day of the crash (John was pronounced dead) and the date of the crash, July 31 is 13 inverted... just numbers... right?


Colonel Robert Neville said...

My my. Yes, terrible days that stay forever.

I was five when my kindly, smart and interested in modern things grandfather died...destroying everything and in aspic and downhill for decades.

And my peculiar parents NEVER told that me he died!, never took me to the funeral and when they threw his ashes in the sea, I asked "What are you doing?" and they still never said. THIS was to allegedly "protect" me. Er, no.

So very saddening. My grandfather is the only family member I have fond memories of to this day. The rest turned out to be sad to venal two faced swine.

Thus I now have a great and big half Japanese family of my own and plenty of great relatives in Japan and trusted friends. By the Grace Of God, one can always create their own and better world.

No, really. Colonel Neville.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"A Pirate Named Neo" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.