Tuesday, October 15

What's it all about?

Government shut down? At that a Federal Government shut down. Looking at it from a rational standpoint, does this not put the President on the unemployment line? And what about congress, who is truly to blame for all this. They are the ones that pass the bills taxes and etc. that supposedly keep the government moving? And I'm not standing on one side or another? Both sides of the aisle take the blame in this case. As I have stated in the past, the 2 party system is supposed to be Republicans AND Democrats. Not Republicans VS Democrats, a choice more than a way of life. So what happened, why a sudden 'war' inside the government? Where compromise is the answer. It should never be "my way or the hi way" My point being the President at this time should not get a paycheck, or even living expenses paid till they sort this mess out, if even 1 federal employee is not payed, than so shall the President or Congress be paid. And no I am not a government employee!

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