Tuesday, January 21

X's or O's

     Now I don't want to hash over this hashtag to much. I was just thinking and though I never have used a hashtag I was wondering if perhaps I was missing something. You the new stuff is always last to land on my desk. So making the long short, I did some research. Wikipedia totally confused me as to what a hastag was, Twitter help did nothing to clear up the situation. Now I did have an idea, that the hashtag was to send messages and what not; but I was at a loss as to how one uses it, know where to put it, what to put it on, etc... So, anyhow, I came across a blog that within 2 paragraphs told me more than those other 2 combined.  As it turns out, yes, the hashtag makes a link of the words after the # (sorta like when Prince became sign) I'm just trying to keep up with the technology of today. They were always tic tac toe boards to me. You know my generation, the "cell phone" was a couple of empty soup cans and a string connecting them.


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