Sunday, March 16

To "Arrr" is Pirate or so the sign says...

   So its a half weekend, so to speak. Had to work on Saturday; I was hoping the second half would go over with out drama. If we can back up a few months, my larger wooden cutting board (there really isn't a better product to make cutting boards out of) ended up curved and cracking at the seams. No doubt it did finally cut its last and broke. 2 pieces not even. A thin cutting surface and a thinner cutting surface. Yes I should have thrown it away, but we can talk about that another time. What to do with broken items? Fix or replace, as the budget allows. Doing a brief search (Target) they show a set of 2 cutting boards, one fair size and one smaller in one package; cost is $19.99. So I drive the extra miles past Kroger (not the ghettomart, the nicer one) to go to Target; since they will obviously have the better deal on kitchen wares... right? On my way to the kitchen wares I pass by the office supplies. I have been meaning to get a refill for my work pen. So I check to see what kind of selection they have. Selection? Thus the title of the post... they have nothing. I surmise selling a set of 4 pens for $4.99 is a quicker way to make money than selling a couple of refills for $1.89. Also in my travels to make for more efficiency I figure Target will have a selection of wine. So I go to pick up the cutting boards. What?! All I find is one equivalent in size to my broken one, cost $19.99. Well at least it beats my broken pieces at home. I go, after some decision making time, select a bottle of wine.    How do you like that, Target is not licensed to sell wine on Sunday. What ever happened to the real meaning of "division of church and state?" So what I thought would be a 3 item sale (including a bonus board) ends up a 1 item purchase. Well, ha-rumf... Its wicked cold out, but I suppose the additional stop is worth it... I have to pass back by the Kroger (the nice one) any way and on the way back its a right turn. I go in and get my bottle of wine, and FIND the refill I was looking for; 2 refills $1.89 plus tax. Out of curiosity I go and price the cutting boards. Arrr.... equal size, $19.99. Oh and, Target does have a Starbucks by the service counter, I pass, Kroger has a Starbucks in their store also.    

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