Sunday, September 6

The worst job.... ever!

     I have in my live done various lines of work for which to support myself. I can't claim to be a total success, ie Doctor, Lawyer, Statesman, or Plumber (yea they make pretty good money too). But to me all money is "good" money. As long as I can live, be happy, roof over, food in the, etc etc...  So I have had quite a few different professions. I come to you with experience saying I "have the knowledge" of the worst job in existence. Yes, snow removal is THE worst that is in existence. I know your saying its a heated truck, all you do is drive and push snow out of the way. This is true, for some snow removal companies. A one man crew. Most are multi member crews, (more than one) if you are not the driver life just went from bad to worse. You have been labeled as "a tool" just a entity to get the job done. No name, number or any individual identifying marks just hay you...   Apartment buildings, some have on grounds staff some call in professional help, who do you think and how do the walks, steps and doorways get done? You got it, a man and a snow shovel. Not only is it hard work; it is a thankless job... always did vow to Not use a shovel on anything I did for a living. So snow removal... a) is cold outside, b) no set hours, "when snow accumulates till its not snowing (could be 24-48 hours or more) Working with salt... I dare you to wipe the sweat from your forehead (and it is a sweaty job) c) it just plain sucks, all the stuff you want to avoid, cold hard work and uncertain hours) all wrapped up in one... It just plain is not what you had planned for a Saturday night... right Chuck? "White death, code 3!!"

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