Sunday, January 17

No pictures, memes or the what not... all text.

     Now when I was growing up; childhood split between Atlanta and Cincinnati, I was taught to accept other peoples ways. Not so much lean to or adapt them. I was brought up as a Catholic, religion was not hard pressed on me; but I was "learned" the ways of Catholicism. I grew up in Georgia, early childhood. Went to school, knew Baptists, and other realms of the Christian faith. Knew some Orientals, and other nationalities. Had a close friend name ended in skie (Polish or other) all was good. Jim and I would meet after school, origin was not an issue.Had fun doing what kids do, till dinner time. So you introduce me to an Islam... this person thinks (in a religions way) his creed is the only deserving creed on earth. and would rather see me dead than understand my faith. Does this not cause problems? I do read the bible, New Testament mainly, and I see the teachings of Christ to be "love" accept, and respect; no killing here. What I know of Buddha; wisdom, advise and knowledge again, no killing here. What I know of the Jewish faith; still waiting for the Messiah, save for that rainy day... again; no killing here. Are we seeing the trend? Not wanting to sound Racial or Prejudiced, doesn't "kill the infidels:" sound a bit rash and un-thought out? More like an easy answer to some religious drama? My answer is simple. Islam is the "odd man out". All others are willing and able for co-existence; remove those resistant to co-exist; problem solved! I'm sorry, a life centered on hate is not welcome here.

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