Sunday, May 25

Phoenix has landed

May 25, 2008 8:00pm as of so far the Phoenix mission is a success. Phoenix is now on the surface of Mars, now waiting for the solar panels to open to power up the space craft again.
In about 1 hour Phoenix will be sending the first of its images to earth.
This is some exciting stuff, 2 rovers and now Phoenix.
Having been a sci-fi fan since 7th grade, and before that witness to the moon landings, this is about the most interesting thing in the news. This is truly a "new world".
I was intently watching as NASA tv covered the mission control happenings as the Phoenix landed. The feeling akin to the discovery of "The New World" here on earth back in the 1400's
My imagination is running at full pace, what more advances will take place over the next decade? There is so much to be learned. As I have always said, Knowledge is the greatest gift to mankind.
Curious? of course. Excited? oh yes! On a new Planet, our closest neighbor, Mars.

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