Wednesday, July 2

Dark Side of the Moon

dever try to figure out side one of dark side of the moon, vinyl edition?
its about a musicians life, figure this from the title of the last song, the great gig in the sky
song 1 is speak to me, about the conception of said musician
breathe, is the birth of said musicain
on the run is the life of said musician
breath reprise, great gig in the sky is the death of said musician
to bad no one to read this
so the theme of the entire album is "the other side
money has many sides
us and them is aobut war and the many sides of war
any colour you like is a feeling song, as it is an instrumental, the many sides of life as a whole, brain damage, is the many sides of mental instability
eclipse, another feeling song, instrumental, how one see's life in its many meanings

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