Tuesday, July 8


Phobos, one of Mars' 2 moons. I like the way the names fit here. Mars is the god of war, he has 2 attachments Phobos and Deimos, fear and panic. Interesting how mythology carries over

This very well could be the clay dirt that was in the crawl space part of the basement in the house I grew up in. Down in Georgia they have this horrible red clay and if you slide down a hill or get it ground into your clothes, well there goes another pair of jeans. Well actually this is the soil on the Planet Mars. I find it intriguing that the soil on another planet would be so similar to the soil here on Earth. Soil on mars, at least the north polar region Phoenix has as a test site, I 8-9 ph and contains the elements needed to support life. As per reports put out by NASA with proper enviromental conditions, asparagus would grow in martian soil.

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