Friday, August 29

Early morning, time to drink my tang.
As the dew forms on the Martian landscape, I think back to how long it took me to get here, all those months with nothing to do, you wanna talk about boring? Those kids on the internet have no idea what boring is. Well morning on Mars is the same as morning on Earth, cept the sun is alot further away and not quite as warm. The soil, a bit more acidic than most plants like is similar to your own back yard. Summer comes and goes as do the rest of the seasons. Yes there is water here, not oceans but there is water. Day goes to night and back to day. Basically speaking where ever you go in this great universe things will always be the same. We haven't found any minerals that are really all that 'alien'. Life? hmmmmmm ... somewhere I would imagine but not in this place. To cold here. Well its time to stretch out and go on to work, a little digging and then analyse the findings, send it in an email. Just another regular day here on the Red Planet.
yours truley,

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