Friday, August 29

The way it used to be

Not so much that I was affraid of him but I tell you if dad said to do something, it best get done. So what happened between then and now? Did the kids take over the world or something? Well I know I didn't always do as he said but to just blatently ignore what dad said would surely result in a fate worse than death. I never had the idea or maybe the guts to question what my dad told me. "but" at the beginning of a statement just didn't work.I can't be thinking all that different from the rest of mankind. Regardless of your religion or nonreligion for that matter children are not the leaders, they are supposed to be lthe followers. Let me again remind you of the definition of follower: one that does what the leader tells him to do. I am the follower of my Father. He set the path, mistakes along the way and all. I then being his child walk that path, or what I persive that path to be. So I fell down a few times, I am here today and lived to write it in my Journal.

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