Sunday, August 17

excuse me?

What did you say? I repeated the question one more time, "did you know I went to college "No I never knew that Gregory"
was the response I got. I was simply bewildered. Now I can give you memory lapses and such but my god, I was in the hospital almost dead at 16 years old.I turned 16 in the intensive care unit, subduralhemetoma. By age 18 I did graduate high school, found myself in a "life correction club" we will call it, and attended college after that. 2 years, first I was part time and from my dad's request went to full time and left with out a degree. My point being is you have come that close to losing your kid wouldn't you remember, and further a person with a subduralhemetoma at age 15 rarely graduates high school much less goes on to college.

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