Sunday, August 17

reason being?

Interesting it is in deed. An instance of your life that can be either an excuse or a reason. July 31, 1978 marks the date I speak of. On that day I lost much. John was at the time 'my best friend'. The one you are never with out on a given summer day. I should actually preamble this by saying I was 15 years old. There was this car accident. John suffered the same injury as I did, a head injury, subduralhematoma. Things not looking good for Gregory or John. John's injury was inoperable. Greg, had some stuff done, remove the fractured part of the skull, tracheotomy, head shunt, etc. Things seemed to be working in Greg's favor, John was not so fortunate. Lost my best friend on the 13th of August, which does happen to be my birthday. I was not aware of this or much anything else for a period of about 3 months. Later was brought to my attention the driver of the vehicle John and I were in was thrown to the Defense when the insurance agents got involved. Insurance is liable but by their stance; so was I. blah blah blah....... to the point I have now lost another friend. I hate insurance companies. How do you measure a life in terms of dollars.Jeff was driving that ill-fated night. My family of course has to hire an attorney to represent me, which put my family at odds with Jeff's family and you know how ugly that can get. Now there was the neighborhood gang, group, buds, what ever you want to call tlhat littel click, all boys about the same age, hanging around when nothing else to do. Well this does seem to pose a problem, I'm sure the court record would show insurance co. vs Nelson family but the feeling was Jeff vs Greg's family. So now there are several famillies involved, the Elmer family (perhaps let the boys drink alcohol that night) Hayes, good friend of the Elmers and so on, ripples through the entire neighborhood. How does one fit in to a situation like that, now I have lost a few more of my friends. They were only the convient friends, lived close and all. Now Gregory needs to find new friends. One might say Gregory was lost that day or got lost. The world seemed a very different place. The family didn't seem to treat me the same, how could they, an experience like that is not one you practice or have drills over. Mentally I suppose I came through the injury and the ordeal, graduated high school and went on from there. Did I get lost? At least a little scatterminded and quite confused. What is the cost of a human life?

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