Sunday, August 17

oh can you?

Not knocking anyone's abilities, I heard on the radio the other day a sports star in the nfl said " I know plenty of guys, from where I used to hang out, could swim circles around and beat Phelps."
Now Chad, if you knew the training, perseverance and hard work it takes to swim like that, you would realize what in the heck you are even saying. My older sister was a swimmer, she went to the state meet 4 years running. Missed the nationals by fractions of a second. It was a 24/7 thing she did. All the girl did was swim swim swim. she swam for breakfast lunch and dinner. Your sitting there telling me your buddies you were "hangin" with could swim at world record pace? .......... Get real dude

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bethechange21 said...

Phelps is just amazing. That 4X100 relay was the most exciting race I have ever witnessed. My junior year was my best year (1978). I placed 9th.