Sunday, August 17

Well seems I forgot to tell you I was born August 13 in 1962. I just had a celebration of sorts marking 46 wonderful years, coff coff.....
Anyway, why didn't someone tell me about computers when I was growing up, in fact why didn't my parents give me a little more guidance in my chosen career? My mom did suggest the forestry industry, I was a little confused on that one though. The only thing I could think was Ranger Jones, or what ever his name was on the Yogi Bear cartoons. I did end up close on my career though, lawn technician (chemicals) is at least in the agricultural field.
If you are a parent reading this, take the interests of your child to heart, give them a push, a bump or a shove in that direction while they are in school. Leave the choice to them but let them know the sky is the limit.

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