Sunday, September 14

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I am an avid Pink Floyd lover. I read about the band, the history and try to learn all I can about Pink Floyd. What I do know is the band came together under the leadership of Sid Barret. Naming the blues band after a couple of people he had some musical experience with earlier. Pink Anderson was a blues man he had been in a band with earlier, Floyd Council was also a blues guy. Sid knew a few guys to put his band together as Pink Floyd Sound. The word sound was dropped from that name.

Pink Floyd seems to be 2 different bands, David Gilmour 'Pink Floyd' and Sid Barret 'Pink Floyd' Most people would refer the David Gilmour band as Roger Waters Pink Floyd.

Sid dropped out of the band for medical reasons, missing practices and gigs. Now don't get me wrong, I like both "bands"; but I do believe David Gilmour was the best thing to happen to Pink Floyd. With David as the guitarist they put one of the greatest collections of albums I can think of. I never got the chance to see them in concert but they sold out more than enough shows.

This article is obviously skewed and opinionated- Not to be taken as fact driven.

Having formed and dropping out of a band you created must have been a difficult thing. Rodger Waters, the bass man became the new band leader. I have mixed feelings about Rodger, a great musician, and a very creative man. I think he was a power hungry sort of guy. Loved the spot light and attention.

Wait a minute, there is something missing here. We are talking about a band, you would ask, aren't there more than just 2 people in Pink Floyd? Richard Wright was with the band right from the start. Keyboard and backing vocals for the Pink Floyd Sound. Nick Mason was also with Pink Floyd Sound, he is another great you will not here of much in most conversations.

Dark Side of the Moon is obviously Pink Floyd's greatest album and their next album, Wish You Were Here is also great. Just to name 2 of the albums the band has to its credit.

If you don't own Dark Side of the Moon, go buy it now!

Wish You Were Here is about Sid Barret.

Very interesting to think, the music they do all has that "Pink Floyd Sound" to it

Several species of small furry animals gathered together grooving with a pict.... longest song title I have ever seen, quite a different song.

Ummagumma is a great collection of music featuring each member of the band. Again has that Pink Floyd Sound to it, very spacey and eerie.

Animals I would consider the best at 'concept rock' and again has that Pink Floyd Sound to it.

Its just my opinion.

The Wall deserves its own article.

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