Sunday, September 7


The first book of Moses is called Genesis. Naturally this is the story of the beginning. So the entire globe is supposed to use this as the 'beginning', one mans perception of how it all began; as the beginning predates writing and history. As I see it, this is Moses, his values, his ideas of how things should be, how things came about and how things should be taken care of. God is seen as the creator of all and he must take care of the creature, man, that he has made. I can believe this to a point but to literally have put 'man' in a garden, set man into a deep sleep and create a woman out of him is a little far fetched, by any stretch of the imagination. I would rather see this as a book of metaphors. Moses therefore would to be the author of one of the best selling books to have ever been written.
With the release of his first book behind him, Moses now seems to be on a roll. He spends the next few years writing an autobiography which will end up in the publication as 'Genesis' and will carry the name 'Exodus'. In his book Exodus, Moses is portrayed as the man who led the people out of Egypt to freedom. Moses goes to the Pharaoh "let my people go so they may serve me."And if you refuse I shall smite you with frogs, smite you with flies, smite you with locusts, Pharaoh finally gives up and the people follow Moses out of Egypt.
So can I ask "what does Moses do for a living anyway? Seems like he is a pretty important man as well as a #1 best seller author.
In leaving Egypt God has also sent Moses a couple of memos with some vague instructions as to what to do and mostly what not to do. Moses then throws a cook out the people rejoice. This book also did quite well. Moses will spend the next few years working on his third book with plans to call this one Leviticus.

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