Tuesday, September 30

In Ohio the gov't is trying to tell the payday loan industry to pack up and leave town.  The gov't is trying to tell me where to borrow my money from now.  Now I am a sort of victim of the payday loan lifestyle, borrow from company A to pay company B Robbing Peter to pay Paul, that was a while ago though. I still don't think the gov't should make that decision for me. On top of that the passage of Issue 5 means a data base, the gov't will monitor my usage of payday loan and if I use more than twice in a quarter I will be sent to a gov't sponsored 'course' to teach me budgeting (can you imagine the gov'tteaching how to spend money) <------- lmao
is this not the blind leading the blind?
I for one think gov't needs to mind thier own business; lieing and telling people what they want to hear.  Not to seem to republican but I think less gov't involvment is a good thing.

Please remember one of Barack Obama's top advisors was partialy to blame for the banking crisis we are faced with right now.  

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