Wednesday, October 1

thinking again

Had alot of fun raising my daughter, couldn't do it again at this age, but it was fun.  Used to pick her up from the after school care and go to the park and play for a little.  Had trouble dragging her away from the latch-key program after school.  Was sorta involved with her band activity, really loved when she was on the softball team. Not real sure why I was thinking of this tonight, was gonna go somewhere with this but sorta forget where it was taking me.  Well just let it be known it was the best 7 years I ever had.   Seems like the family unit makes your life what it is. Too bad that is just a memory any more.  
Did get the guitar strings changed finally. Those strings, T got me have been sitting here for about a week and a half.  Just don't like the task. Without a string winder it is time consuming, but any how got that so if I get real bored I can plug n play. 

If I can for a minute; with terms like sync, cpu and usb what in the world are you doing with a folder called My Computer or Favorites?  One reason, not a biggy, I use Goggle Chrome and Fire Fox is that darned file, favorites??  I really think you can do better than that.  "My Computer" can easily be changed.  start> right click My Computer and put your name on it. (rename tab)  Mine is Pirates Computer and Pirates Network, music, pictures etc can be changed too, audio, images...... think you get the picture.

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