Monday, September 22


This report will be called random, as I have a bit of a different 'attitude' tonight. Tonight being 6:35 pm   Dinner is on hold and I am just sitting here thinging.  YOu have to realize in my opinion the Beatles were and are fab.  I do think Ringo had the best plan.
Instead of remaining in music where he got  his name with the Beatles, he sorta went underground and actually did some 'acting' with a kids claymation series called Thomas the Tank Engine, (It was animated train engines) .... pretty cool stuff. You might find it on line either a paid site or dare you go to .Torrent:  so illegal isn't it?

     X wife on the way over, what else for?  $$$$$ Have agreed the least I can do it pay for the car my daughter is driving.  I love that kid to the end of the globe. She's a great kid, really.   Back >>>>>> x wife coming over...  signed over an overpayment on child support, what the heck its just money.  Oh did I tell you she graduated with honors at Deer Park High School.  I am really proud of her.  She's off at college now. :)

Oh yea, Ringo... I was thinking George sorta can't ruin his reputation, (greatest guitarist)

John: well we all know John is what today would be called an Icon, a real legend.

Now we get to Paul, the man is Knighted, rich and famous what the hell is he doing trying to put out new stuff?? geeze; I know about artistic creativity but dude give it a rest. You made your name as one of the greats let it go at that.

Rush: give it a rest guys, I loved ya in the fly by night- Hemispheres era, but some times time catches up with you. Not reat familiar with much of their new have listened to that last one, but guys, your getting old and I think you have enough cash to lay back and enjoy.

I think I want a cat.  Had to give up Neo back a year ago.  Craziest cat I ever knew. 

listening to Simon and Garfunkle  now, you wanna talk about some famour songs. 
old stuff, with meaning, specially when you know the times in reference.   Vietnam, civil unrest over civil rights, the hippies, just a real interesting time in US history.



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