Sunday, September 21


well beat me in the face with a les paul or a strat.... I just read a blog about music/rock artists, and I have to say wow.  Take me back to middle school Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Rush, of course a large list of others are in there too, but those would haveto be the ones I followed close. My first 8 track was Led Zeppelin, untitiled, aka #4.... Dark Side  of the Moon soon followed and of course I stayed up to date on the technology of sound and bought each of my favs 3 sometimes 4 times, 8 track, vinyl and cd and of course today I have them in mp3. I lost interest in Rush some years ago, and still listen to Fly by Night Caress of Steel and 2112 and a few others, up to I would say Motion Pictures. Like humans, musicians become old, less energetic and well it all goes to the wayside but you keep their music alive with the current recording technology and keep them alive in the cd collection and mp3 collection on your pc. I think the best thing that happens to keep them alive is when a band dies. Sounds strange but let me explain my thinking here. Some of the old rockers; say Paul McCartney, great in the beginning, Beatles were fab.... Wings was good too, but have you heard his newer stuff? let it go Paul, before you ruin your reputation. Led Zeppelin while sorely missed pulled a good move when John Bonham passed away and they just let it go. It wouldn't be the same and while change in neccessary its not always good. VanHalen lost a fan when they fired David Roth (I never did care much for Sammy Haggar). 
     The thing that will really make you a legend in the rock biz is cover, when the new kids make a hit off the old stuff and it is happening more and more these days, the Who, Pink Floyd and others are remade by the new guys and it really stands out
This is one old guy who likes his records and good bye to Richard Wright.

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