Saturday, September 27

serious stuff

I really thought I was a McCain supporter, he seemed to be the war hero as it were, a man that had some military experience. I, not being a fan of tv or tv reporting did not watch the debate. I read about it; which is probably as skewed as the tv version. What I have read about the debate it was alot of mudslinging and bashing. I would rather a man run his campain on his own accomplishments not his opponents failures. Senator McCain would come off better in "this is what I bring to the Presidencey" and leave his opponent out of the speech. Just seems like alot of nothing to choose from this year. Sarah Palin was a boost it seemed at first, that spark seems to have fizzled as fast as it took off. So I am again scratching my head and wondering what is going on and who I should support. Think when you get right down to it I will make a choice, as none of the above is not one of my choices.

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