Saturday, September 27

My opinion is

was just looking for a template to open another blog on and came across this question: "Why does office coffee suck so much?" I for one could not even begin to answer that one; as I have never really worked in an office. Well once or twice maybe, the coffee tasting horrible does not stand out as one of my memories of working there though. I am an avid coffee drinker, its the best thing since I had my first pbj. I am ok with the taste of my coffee even though it is different than Dunkin Donuts or White Castle coffee. Those would have to be the biggest of the 'regular' coffee shop places in Cincinnati. Note: I am not real big with espresso based coffee beverages. A good warm mug of black coffee is heaven to me. My opinion is if you dress it all up to taste like something else you must not like it that much. "Cream or sugar with that?" no thanks is the answer, occasionally I will drop some half n half in and drink it unstirred. Tends to still up as you drink.

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