Sunday, September 28


just sitting here listening to Zabriskie Point by Pink Floyd. A very bluesy song to start the album. I think it is a sound track from a movie called Zabriskie Point.  Makes sense I guess.  

Zabriskie comes from the name of the explorer of Death Valley 

but like I said it is a very bluesy album.. brings me to a point:
a paltalker told me of a band called Blue Floyd, a collection of established musicains (almans and other bands) that got together to make a blues version of Pink Floyd music. Now, this is just my opinion but isn't Pink Floyd already blues?  I for one certainly thought so.

Zabriskie Point is an area of Death Valley noted for its ereosional landscape

zabriskie Point was one of the most extraordinary disasters in modern cinematic history.

Incredible music, I like it very much, so as to blue floyd, thats just a bunch of musicians doing some cover tunes featuring Pink Floyd.

Has some of the best work Richard Wright ever did. 

another stand alone I like from 1970 would have to be the rock opera, 
Jesus Christ, Superstar

With Ian Gillan as the lead, you really couldn't go wrong. Y'vonne Elliman is another great voice in the show.  John Gustafson was also in the rock opera.  Gustafson, an old rocker, played the bass guitar; was in JCS as Simon Zealotes, who erged Christ to "keep the devotion but add a touch of hate at Rome" "you will rise to a greater power".   Great vocal work for just a bass guy.

ok know that is a unique version, "hey joe" by Deep Purple. 
yes it is  one and the same as the one Jimi Hendrix made famous. This version does however feature the keyboard rather than the guitar.  Jon Lord is an incredible musician.

The president goes with the times, in our history so far we have had the right man in office when needed.  What do you suppose would have happened if Carter were in office in 1945 and he was asked to drop an atomic weapon to end a world war?  Or had it been Bill Clinton in 1940.  One just never knows, is it timing, situation or character?

I imagine we are going to find out what a president really is in the next few years.  I think this has the possibility to be more than just a periodic lull in the economy.  Have done a bit of reading on the Great Depression and friends, its not looking so good on the international front.  WWII was really the answer that took us up and out of the Great Depression.   

what is with Marijuand, did god create this as a sin or is it a natural way to feel better?

    ot a pork roast on for dinner, yea I'm a guy but I do like to cook sometimes. As Dylan put it back in the 60's, the times the are a changing.  Was just listening to a radio personality the other day saying men didn't change diapers or push baby strollers. It was that way once, but not in my time, and I'm getting up there in the age drackets.  I don't suppose my dad ever changed a diaper, maybe I should ask him, but by my opinion of his personality he never did.

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Jasmine said...

We're not looking at a depression. There are too many policies put in place to prevent it. And right now we have yet to fall into a recession, so things aren't that bad yet. But this whole bail-out plan was a jackass idea. Who let the Communists into Congress? It's just going to reinforce negative behavior and the corporate higher ups are gonna keep screwing up to make another $700 billion. And on a similar note, watch some clips from the vice presidential debate. Sarah Palin: The bi-polar commie!

And while I'm on politics, my viewpoint on the election this year:
Government is all fucked up. But I'm gonna go ahead and vote for someone who didn't side with Bush 90% of the time, with a sidekick who doesn't know what she's doing and was picked up just to entice the female "hockey mom" (wtf is that anyway?) demographic. Obama might not be perfect and some of his views are rather conservative for my taste, but at least he sticks to his convictions. McCain and Palin change their minds depending on who's asking. It might all be about getting elected, but at least make it look like you have some passion for your plans.

Just my two cents.