Sunday, September 28


now if sex sells in the united states what do the women buyers get?
If I were to see any of these pics in an advertisement, it would for sure get my attention.
I just don't see it working the same way on the female of the species. 
When I think sexy of course the first thing I think of is a woman in revealing clothing. It just doesn't seem that way for the women that I know.  By the way, what is wrong with a little nudity anyway?  I have read in the bible where it says 'they became ashamed of themselves'. I have my own beliefes as that goes, but this is neither the time nor the place for that.
As an incredible work of art I think this leans to the story that god first created man and then made woman as things are never at their best on the first draft, it does take some tweaking to get it right. 

I just can't see a man not hireing the girl in the lower picture if thats how she looked at the  interview.
You really do have us at a disadvantage,  so really girls, its not such a bad thing to show a little, if you got it go ahead and flaunt it.


Jasmine said...

There's a little more to it than that. The reason women like to cover up and be a little more modest is because we get more respect like that. If we could just go into an interview in a revealing shirt and get the job, then wouldn't that mean the best cleavage wins? How is that fair? Showing it all off means getting judged based on what we have. We're more than just looks. It's not fair for women to be judged less harsh because we're pretty. I work just as hard and probably harder than most guys at my school, so I don't want to get a job because of my chest. That would depreciate the value of the job. I want to make money because I have the mind and the skill to. And there are girls out there who are geniuses with A cups, so what about them? Girls with twice the bust and half the brains would beat them out for jobs that they deserve. Things should be equal, and modesty is just part of it because it levels the playing field for us.

And that's not feminism, it's justice.


sexytheresa said...

hey why men always what pics of other girls and never put there own girlfriends on there cell or what ever huh omg