Friday, October 24

ah situation, this one fits, not quite blues but  bto Trial By Fire is perfect

"Trial by Fire the Question is how to survive, trial by fire doe no one get out alive?

Just seems the old rock has meaning and is more Philosophical, just an opinion

Jeff Beck even gets the point across with out lyrics  anger>resolution>peace

works well for me

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me down to lie
Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.
When cometh the day we lowly ones,
Through quiet reflection, and great dedication
Master the art of karate,
Lo, we shall rise up,
And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water.

now that about says it, read and read well
just dancing through some tunes, seems Pink Floyd stads out with meaningful lyrics and choice instrumentals, epecaially the drums, not that I am a drum man but listen to nick mason

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