Friday, October 24

Friday night

ok getting out of hand, but I think I can deal with this

Just like not knowing the lyrics and singing anyway

theres a blues song for this situation but I am not sure what it is, heard it through the grapevine doesn't fit here.  All along the watch tower? no that doesn't work either
Red House, ah this is getting closer but still doesn't quite fit.
Simple Man? not quite, give me a few I'll figure it out

well computer stuff, for a change
logitech makes some nice accessories, have a cam and the wireless mouse/keyboard set.  Keyboard batteries went dead in the middle of a post the other day, but no big deal bought the set years ago for the garage sale computer I had set up for my daughter, gave her the 3 speaker set up and the wireless set.  Figured she was using the junk computer, she should get the accessories.  She didn't complain too much.  The cam.... well you know web cams, its pretty nice and wasn't real expensive.  Logitech, I would recomend it to all my friends.  

Yes- awsome band listening to " and You and I" great tune
has a soothing beat and is relaxing to my soul.

Enough with the politics... I don't matter who wins,  nothing will really change.  How many campagn promises did Bush come through on, what about Clinton, Bush Sr before him? or Reagan? its all just talk, tell em what they want to hear so you can get to the oval office. I tell ya though if we pull the troops out of Iraq it will turn into another Vietnam... Its been almost 40 years since we quit Vietnam, few years ago they did start showing some thanks to those vets.  Now we have one running for the grand office

Careful with that Axe Eugene

lets see if the html codes work on this

well heck yea, html code does work on the ole blog, lol
 um wait, hold on a sec and all that stuff...

does this work? uh, I found I can make the font bold with html code but can't undo it, lol well there ya go, just click the little b button, lol
probably works the same with the italic.

yup it sure does

did a little research on the html code when on Myspace, pretty cool stuff but I am seeing some trouble here on the blog, seems the end code is not working
lets see if that works
oh yea, end is a back slash, was useing the foward slash, lol

just blogging to be blogging...

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