Sunday, October 19

Bored?  This reminds me of the time I was at Clermont College working in the parking booth.  Made a little money to check cars having parking stickers.  Since I was the evening shift I was responsible for the parking fees from the "non sticker" cars.  Students in the evening classes, came to campus once a week, why pay for a sitcker when you only use it once a week.  So the couple first hours were boring, students come and go maybe one every 20 minutes or so, I couldn't sit in the booth and do homework.  Tried that once, deep in the reading my Pych text book, the horn scared the shi_ out of me, had to check the cars, so I just sat there waiting for a car.... very boring.  Cept for that Ford Maveric, driven by that girl I had to know.  Then about 6:50 pm a caravan of cars for the evening classes, each hands me $1.50 (why they didn't make it a more round number?) most gotlthe 50 cents change, this went on for about 15 mins, then a car maybe 2 every 15 mins. I would pack up turn in the cash drawer and on home.  Never did get to meet that girl in the green Ford Maveric.

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