Sunday, October 19

Files and formats

well getting hungry, should I eat junk chips peanut butter or what? 
Think the instant grits is a choice.  
As you can see I am suffering that ole writters block, want to write but can't think of what I want to write about. 

oh.... Remember (if you were born before say 1968) going to record your friends new lp?
friend has the cassett deck that made an almost studio quality copy.  I had plenty of those. 
I remember too when the cd started hitting the store shelves. Then you had a better original to copy to cassett, man this is really cool.  I sat there thinking, what do you think will happen if a person such as me, could copy from cd to a cd, what then?  Wouldn't that be great.  Like most consumers I was thinking na, it'll never be like that.  Well now the record companies have a real problem on their hands.  I knew this guy from an apartment I lived in a few years back.  He saw I had a store bought copy of Dark Side of the Moon.  He's like ... "cool can I copy that from you?" I'm like sure, save ya some money "yea I can make you a cassette". He says he's got a way to put it on a blank cd...  I'm like oh my god you gotta be kidding.  Then he says he can make me a copy and I can take my cd back to the store and get my money back.  Now this is just blowing my mind.   Well I had him make me another copy but I never took the cd back to the store, I like the album art and sorta thought that would be a down right criminal act.  Though I am a pirate, I'm not a crook (wait, didn't one of our presidents say that once)  Was a few years later I got my first computer.  MP3 age, real scarry if you take stock in Mercury Records.  Think again... Mp3 is some pretty poor quality music in todays hi fi systems.  Record companies aught to to looking at the harm an FLAC can do them.  Free Lossless.... or what ever, takes up about 10 times the room as an MP3 but the sound is incredible.  All the highest of the highs and lowest of...  This is some cool stuff.

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