Monday, October 13

coputer stuff

opinion only:
I have tried quite a few media players including the ones that come with the ares program or limewire as most would be familiar with. Have to say Winamp is my favorite one. Easy to use, once you get used to the interface, not alot of real different skins, but you do have a choice of color schemes.  That stuff is all  eye candy but it is nice to be able to have a choice of what you are looking at.  Now I did try the Apollo media player. Learned of this from a web site of tunes asking me which media player did I want to use. I do still use it once in a while.  Has a very basic computer interface.  One color, can be viewed as full (which is only about the size of a cig pack) or in window shade mode. I don't like that you can only open one folder at a time. Say you have a live album that takes 2 folders to hold it you can't open the entire, juust one at a time. Also found it a bit difficult to drag and drop files in the playlist,  you need to use the full size to do that.  All in all Apollo is a good audio player, it does not do video.  Another audio only player I have tried is Aimp3.  Very cool as the interface goes.  Does have some extra features I've not seen on other players to adjust tempo speed and reverb.  I was impressed at first but found I didnt really like that when shut down and the next song will be on the speed setting ... didn't sound right all the time.  I do feel used to Winamp and I can do audio and video.  Only thing I don't like about Winamp is its affiliation with AOL (believe that to be arabs on line these days).   I left AOL behind when they expected me to pay for it, got 6 months free and moved on to better less aggrivating isp services. We can cover that on another post. Oh one last note, you can choose different icons with Winamp

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