Saturday, October 25


I do have some memories of growing up at home.  As an astronomer I saw many out side worlds, and have vivid memories of studying Earth and its one moon Luna.  It's about the same size as my home but just didn't seem to be as active. I remember going to the southland, here at home where the geysers are, it was an astonishing sight to see.  I spent some time on Earth, part of one of my missions; saw this one geyser called "old faithful" and just thought, "if you guys think this is something you should come to Enceladus sometime".  The night sky on Earth is sorta cool but man, you guys just have the one moon to look at. Back home we have the Mother and her rings to see and also Titan, Rhea and a mass of others.  Its cool to see Phoebe, looks sorta like a chunk of gravel in orbit around Mother.  I do remember when I came to Earth it was a bit warmer than it was at home, your place called Antarctica was a bit more like home to me, but still a bit more tropical than I really care for.  My mission on Earth was a short one, but really I did enjoy it.  I do plan to retire soon and make Earth my home, thinking Cincinnati Ohio would be a good place to settle in and call New Home.
Oh and I did talk to Marvin on Mars the other day, I told him to stop trying to blow up the Earth, there really isn't all that much going on with Venus and that I plan to retire on Earth.  I think he listened to me, last I heard he put the Uranium Pew 36 Explosive Space Modulator away and tore down the launch tower.  Marvin is cool, he just doesn't think things all the way through all the time and tends to take the easiest route he knows.

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